Sunday, 21 September 2014

I love that Mistress controls when & if i may cum
I love that Mistress will decide that, that may well be only ever an if and possibly never a when
I love knowing that if i am ever permitted release it will most likely be a milking and not an orgasm
I love the fact that knowing this makes me ache to cum & knowing that i may not
I love hearing Her reiterate Her implacable position makes me ache immeasurable more
I love the fact that knowing i may not come makes me ache for so much for Her
I love the fact that i ache to please Her but never as a man
I love thinking about Her before i go to sleep and when i first wake up
I love aching to kiss Her intimately
I love thinking apprehensively about Her strap on
I love the wistful hope that the only orgasm i will experience with Her will be Hers & Hers only
I love hoping that She will enjoy watching a Man cum in my mouth, whilst knowing that a sissy  may never cum like that
I love the fear that one day She will want to watch a Man take me from behind
I love the fact that writing this has made me so hot and flustered
I love being a sissy for Her and longing for Her
Thank You Mistress
Some very nice skirts for Mistress. I just ache to softly kiss Her bottom while she is wearing the shorter ones or to kiss the front knowing that as a sissy only my lips will ever be allowed there. The longer skirts make me think of Her quite apprehensively as they have a very strict disciplinarian look to them.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

For My Mistress

i love My Mistress
i want to please My Mistress
i am for my Mistresses pleasure
i love My Mistress

i want to cum for My Mistress
i may only cum for My Mistress
i may only cum with My Mistresses permision

i love My Mistress
i want to please My Mistress
i am for my Mistresses pleasure
i love My Mistress

i want to be obedient for My Mistress
i want to be a good girl for My Mistress
i am My Mistresses love slave

i love My Mistress
i want to please My Mistress

i am for My Mistresses pleasure
i love My Mistress

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sweet Dreams

Monday, 28 February 2011

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Waking up on Your fingers

you wake up & find me asleep on your bed
I came to give you a cuddle while you slept 
but lingered in your warmth & fell asleep next to you
you slip your fingers between my legs
into the warmth between my thighs
feeling the moistness there, almost melt onto your fingers
as you slip inside my labia
and rub my clitoris
slowly sensuously
almost absently as you listen to my panted breathing
and enjoy the sensation of your own growing arousal
all of a sudden i am awake, looking into your eyes
confused, excited, aroused
"Mistress...." I whisper
you shush me with your wet fingers on my lips
then guide my soft lips to your own arousal
so i may finish what you have  started
I love you Mistress.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

for you My Love Mistress

i love you Mistress
you can feel the soft swelling of my lips on you, kissing you so softly
hear my slippery wet thighs
smell my heat for you Mistress
feel my lips so  soft and plump on your firmness
wonder how the my heart shaped pout fits your glans so perfectly
pushing so easy into my lips
parting them to you
forcing me to kiss you you so sweetly
to kiss you perfectly
to love you perfectly
to serve you helplessly
to swallow obediently
loving you
for your pleasure
a heart shaped kiss to take with you for your day